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WTF History

Eons of Oddities

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Welcome to wtf_history. Simply post weird things that have happened throughout history.


Due to spam please send the mod a private message along with joining the community to ensure you are human, once the MOD receives your PM, you'll be approved.

1) If you post anything that has happened after 1980, you will be rightfully mocked.

2) No flooding, spamming or advertising without permission. We'll let sneaky x-posts slide if they're good ones.

3) Please put images wider than 500px and/or longer than 600px or multiples behind a cut. Failing to do so will upset the residents.

4) This is not a safe space, so no one is obligated to swoop down and rescue you if you're offended by something.

5) Please provide sources. Failing to do so really upsets the residents.

The mods are tovasshi and dcherrycoke. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, feel free to send us a private message.